New Hampshire Bill Could Allow Private Spirits Sales

NewHampshireIn New Hampshire, state representatives are preparing to vote on a bill that could allow spirits to be sold from non-state retailers, when they are currently only available from state liquor stores. House Bill 1251, supported by Big Alcohol and many House Republicans, would dramatically expand the retail distribution on liquor, allowing it to be sold in every grocery and convenience store in the state - reversing precautions that New Hampshire has put in place to protect its residents, especially youth. Such precautions are particularly important in today’s liquor market, where candy-flavored, supersized alcopops with as much as 5 drinks per serving abound.  "For some young person to get a hold of these is just that much more concerning to us at stores that we don't control," said Joseph Mollica, chair of the liquor commission. Click here to take action on alcohol policy advocate New Future's website.