According to United Coalition East Prevention Project, Skid Row Housing Trust, Provider of Housing for the Homeless in Los Angeles, Seeks to Sell Booze to Profit from Addiction in Skid Row
December 9, 2013

Women and Girls Suffer Alcohol-Related Violence
November 24, 2013

San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition to Hold Town Hall Meeting
November 8, 2013

Diageo Admits Targeting 18-24 Year Olds for Red Stripe Alcopop
November 7, 2013

Youth Still Harrassed by Alcohol Ads on America's Public Transit
October 25, 2013

Alcohol Justice to Release New National Report on Alcohol Advertising on Public Transit
October 23, 2013

Senator Alex Padilla Takes Alcohol Ads on Public Property From Bad to Worse with SB 31
September 12, 2013

San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition Sponsored by Alcohol Justice Awarded Federal Drug Free Community Grant
September 9, 2013

Women's Day For Peace March to End Illegal Alcohol Activity at Whiteclay, Nebraska
August 29, 2013

Pine Ridge, South Dakota Oglala Sioux Tribal President Bryan Brewer to Meet with Nebraska Governor Heineman, Legislators and Liquor Control Commission to Find Solutions to End Illegal Alcohol Sales on the Border at Whiteclay
July 7, 2013

Field of White Crosses At Zero Tolerance Camp on the Border of White Clay, NE Symbolize Pine Ridge Native Americans Harmed by Alcohol
May 24, 2013

Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Committee Moves to Ban Alcohol Ads From Public Property
May 24, 2013

Drunk Driving Standards Need Toughening Says Alcohol Justice
May 14, 2013

Native American Youth Stage Pine Ridge, South Dakota Alcohol Blockade
May 2, 2013

Last Call for Leno's 4 a.m. Bar Bill
April 23, 2013

4 a.m. Bar Bill Draws Opposition in Sacramento
April 22, 2013

Alcohol Justice Announces Youth Video Winners

April 12, 2013

“Stop 4 a.m. Bar Bill” Says New Coalition: Rally at Los Angeles City Hall Against California SB 635
April 8, 2013

Pine Ridge Liberation Day Event Turns into Alcohol-Related Showdown in Whiteclay Nebraska
March 1, 2013

Duran Duran's John Taylor Honored by Writers in Treatment at 'Experience, Strength and Hope' Event 

February 14, 2013

Four Loko Frat Boys Spanked by Federal Trade Commission
February 13, 2013

Big Alcohol Tearing Down California's Alcohol Regulations
February 5, 2013
Alcohol Justice CEO on How to Prevent Violence After the Har-bowl
January 31, 2013
Free Our Sports™ Youth Film Festival Video Contest Launched
January 28, 2013

Saturday Smack Down at San Rafael Circle K
January 25, 2013
Big Bowl Vote 2013 - Surveys Underage Appeal of Superbowl Alcohol Ads
January 16, 2013

Easy $642 Million Proposed for California Budget
January 9, 2013