Ban Powdered Alcohol update: SUCCESS!! EL TRIUNFO!!

palcohol packets with a red ban symbol over themThanks to your advocacy, California is now free from the public health and safety threats of powdered alcohol. On September 26, 2016, Governor Brown signed both AB 1554 (Irwin) and SB 819 (Huff) to prohibit the possession, purchase, sale, offer for sale, distribution, manufacture, or use of powdered alcohol in California and would make the violation of those provisions punishable with a fine.

With his signatures California became the 34th state to ban the products because there is no good reason to allow another dangerous alcohol product to be sold, especially one that will be so easily abused by underage drinkers.

Thank you for joining with Alcohol Justice, the California Alcohol Policy Alliance, the Health Officers Association of California, California Craft Brewers Association, 48 other organizations, and many, many individuals in encouraging the legislature to pass these bills, and the Governor to sign them.

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