Alcohol Justice's Best and Worst of 2023

Advocacy’s Bark and Industry’s Bite

Alcohol research, policy, and advocacy is, at times, a dog’s life. As 2023 came to a close, Alcohol Justice and the California Alcohol Policy Alliance looked back at a year in which some passionate efforts came to naught, while remarkable successes came from unexpected quarters. In the face of a complex, ongoing struggle to promote public health and community empowerment, we can roll over, or we can sit up, speak out, and try to bring the forces of deregulation to heel. But sometimes even the most dedicated advocate can be reluctant to learn new tricks.buster and sergio initial

That’s where Buster and Sergio come in.

Buster and Sergio are our 2023 watchdogs.

Sergio, always sunny and excited for the next good thing, will leap up for the wins, the lives saved, and the promising new developments. Buster, being a more cynical breed, rears his head at the reckless decisions, industry corruption, and abandonment of the public good.

Three Sergios represent truly great news, while three Busters caution us for future developments. Being both of exquisite pedigree, they have trained their noses to detect trends and threats in California, the U.S., and worldwide.

With that in mind, let’s let the dogs have their day.

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