Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
May 2018

CAPA 1 drunk art collectors 0

CAPA Leg Update: Key bills killed, cannabis loopholes could be closed, 4 A.M. last call stalled but not dead



    Yukon alcohol-cancer warning labels--very verboten!

Mother Jones reporter faces down breast cancer in light of Big Alcohol's biggest lie



He's got the whole world in his hand and he will pour alcohol on it

Researchers uncover harm and deception behind social responsibility initiatives



In the Doghouse


if it's low alcohol you may as well bring it to kindergarten

UPDATE: Under community pressure, NIH suspends rigged "healthy drinking" study




Dr. Beer would like to prescribe you two shots of cancer and call him in the morning with a hangover
EXPLAINER: Why NIAAA's "healthy drinking" study is a sham 

More money for beer beer needs more money give give give
Alcohol industry pushes to make federal excise tax cuts permanent

Not content with being tedious beer, now Bud delivery comes via a drone
Budweiser plans to get soccer fans sloshed with in-seat delivery via drone


Ruben Rodriguez speaks out against SB 905, the new 4 a.m. bar bill

Pueblo Y Salud's Ruben Rodriguez slams the
new 4 A.M. Bar Bill

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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