In the Doghouse

In the Doghouse

A-B InBev Disrespects America

May 20, 2016

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While Congress and regulators continue to examine their take-over of SAB Miller Coors, Belgium-based megabrewer, A-B InBev, strikes again. As if the craft brewer buyouts weren’t enough, A-B Inbev has decided it is worthy of the title “America.” Beginning May 23rd, the company is replacing the Budweiser logo with “America” on all 12-oz cans and bottles. Their labels are expected to include lyrics from The Star Spangled Banner and lines from the Pledge of Allegiance.

The vice president of A-B Inbev, Ricardo Marques, stated “We are embarking on what should be the most patriotic summer that this generation has ever seen.”

We are calling their bluff! Changing their label is no way to salute America, nor is it appropriate. With over 200 brands globally, it is safe to say that A-B Inbev does not hold the best interest of the American people. They are simply in the game to make money and to increase the rate of alcohol consumption. Though they are posing it as a marketing gesture to the American people, it is an obvious ploy to monetize the national elections, the upcoming Summer Olympics, and American Soccer tournament.

Beer does not represent America, the people do. Budweiser is NOT America.


TAKE ACTION: Tell your members of Congress to provide more guidance to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) which allowed this disrespectful, shamful labeling stunt into the market.

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CLICK HERE to access the Thunderclap to call out Budweiser for its arrogance and dishonesty - and to raise awareness about corporate marketing overreach, including extensive advertising and marketing to youth.

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Alcohol brands exploit Prince's death

April 26, 2016

Moments after the release of news of Prince’s death, social media feeds blew up around the globe. Fans shared their favorite videos, photos, and heartfelt memories of the legendary rockstar.

While the world mourned together, some companies disguised high-profile advertising in tasteless tribute posts.

Alcohol producer Maker’s Mark is among the companies that exploited Prince’s death to push its own big alcohol agenda.

In addition, a tweet by Four Loko was also spotted, stating “pouring one out for prince,” but this post has since been wisely deleted.
Four Loko Prince

Prince was well-known for his deep personal opposition to the consumption of any alcoholic products. It was part of the unique imprint he left on the world with honesty, authenticity, and transparency.

In honoring his life and his death, it is only fair that businesses, and especially the alcohol industry, do the same.

A-B InBev Forgets History and Invades the Retail Tier

March 31, 2016

Ever since the Repeal of Prohibition, Federal and state laws have mostly banned the retailing of alcohol by producers. Some states fall under an exception, which permit microbrews and brew pubs the ability to produce and sell at the same location. Anheuser-Busch InBev has decided to forget the ugly public and safety history of producer-owned saloons and are purchasing brew pubs like Goose Island, with the main motivation to sell their own beer in these local establishments. 

The U.S. beer market is dominated by A-B InBev, which along with MillerCoors, owns 80% of the market. AB-Inbev has gone on a craft brew buying binge, recently acquiring three new craft breweries for a total of eight and counting. Not only does this pose an enormous public health threat, it has created unrest within the craft brew industry

Really CEO Carlos Brito, must you try to monopolize the production, wholesale, and on-sale tavern sectors of the industry?