In the Doghouse

The Two Corporate Sponsors in the Doghouse on AB 1322

August 23, 2016

Drybar Doghouse Revised
Two companies, the Drybar Company and 18-8 Fine Men’s Salons, worked behind the scenes in Sacramento to pass the irresponsible AB 1322.

The bill, nicknamed The Drybar Bill (authored by Tom Daly - Anaheim) will allow unregulated, unlicensed, free beer and wine to be served at 42,000+ beauty salons and barber shops throughout California.

We're putting these corporate sponsors in the Alcohol Justice "Doghouse" for their support of unlicensed, unregulated alcohol consumption and the inevitable increase in alcohol-related harm that will occur in California by increasing alcohol outlets by 41%.

The bill passed with only 6 "NO" votes out of 40 state senators and 80 assembly members. Here are the state senators who deserve our thanks:
  • Steve Glazer (D-Orinda)
  • Isadore Hall III (D-Compton)
  • Ed Hernandez O.D. (D-Azusa)
  • Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara)
  • Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg)
  • Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber)
  • Jeff E. Stone (R-Temecula)
Take Action! Tell Gov. Brown we need his VETO to stop the irresponsible AB 1322 NOW!