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Alcohol brands exploit Prince's death

April 26, 2016

Moments after the release of news of Prince’s death, social media feeds blew up around the globe. Fans shared their favorite videos, photos, and heartfelt memories of the legendary rockstar.

While the world mourned together, some companies disguised high-profile advertising in tasteless tribute posts.

Alcohol producer Maker’s Mark is among the companies that exploited Prince’s death to push its own big alcohol agenda.

In addition, a tweet by Four Loko was also spotted, stating “pouring one out for prince,” but this post has since been wisely deleted.
Four Loko Prince

Prince was well-known for his deep personal opposition to the consumption of any alcoholic products. It was part of the unique imprint he left on the world with honesty, authenticity, and transparency.

In honoring his life and his death, it is only fair that businesses, and especially the alcohol industry, do the same.