In the Doghouse

New BuzzBallz Brand Targeting Youth

January 19, 2016

Bright colors, many flavors, and high alcohol by volume: Buzzballz is definitely not aiming at Baby Boomers with its new brand extension. Its slogan is "Ready to Shoot," and Shooterz certainly is. It comes in a 750 ml container of premixed cocktails with 30% ABV and a shot glass attached to the bottle. That's an additional 10-15% ABV than the original Buzzballz circa 2010.

The original flavored, colored, spirits-in-a-ball was created by a former high school teacher, who got the idea for a beverage that would be nonbreakable and safe while sitting by the pool. According to the creator Buzzballz is all meant to be fun, and not meant to be a harmful beverage.

But some youth advocates and college students disagree. They say that the product is focused on, and captures the attention of, youth.

Buzzballz and any of its products, including Shooterz, are anything but safe. The evidence is clear: flavored and high-ABV alcoholic beverages contribute to an increased risk of related harm among youth. Such products add to the overall rates of alcohol-related harm in the US, especially to youth.

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