Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
October 2022


Congress is deliberating allowing the US Postal Service to deliver alcohol to the doorstep.

TAKE ACTION NOW to tell them the postal service is not a tool of Big Alcohol.


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In this issue:

► As water supplies diminish throughout western North America, the U.S. thirst for Mexican beer leaves faucets coughing dust.

► 4 a.m. bar bill and alcohol-on-the-doorstep bills go down in defeat, but CA lawmakers keep pushing "anywhere, anytime, anyone" alcohol access laws.

► DOGHOUSE: Budweiser's big bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup puts them squarely in the middle of exploitative and murderous labor practices.

► ...and more.


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2022 CA Alcohol Legislation Roundup:
AJ, CAPA play defense against deregulation and kill the 4 A.M. Bar Bill again, again, again


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Little Water and Big Alcohol:
How the U.S. thirst for Mexican beer channels precious water away from a desperately dry border


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DOGHOUSE: The Migrant Worker Graves Beneath Budweiser's 2022 World Cup Push


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The Liquor Bottle Label Battle:
Increasingly extremist industry messaging meets a growing push among medical experts to improve alcohol warning labels



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Alcohol Justice's statement on the Los Angeles City Council leaks



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Oregon, industry, harm, and the life-saving impact of sensible alcohol taxes
(New York Times)

a screen showing a picture of AJ advocacy manager Mayra Jimenez and with the words "emerging leader award"
National conference recognizes work of AJ Advocacy Manager Mayra Jiménez
(Alcohol Justice)

a wine glass on a white tablecloth while a young person smiles behind it
Do mixed messages to parents and mixed messages to kids create a culture of harmful youth alcohol use?
(Psychology Today)


Youth advocate presses for retail reform in San Rafael

Marin youth join San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition to demand healthy stores

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