Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
December 2017

Sen Wiener just wants to watch the world burn

BREAKING: While Sacramento Burns with Sexual Assault Hearings, Sen. Wiener Keeps Fiddling with Last Call



    Minimum unit pricing tackles Scotland's consumption problems

Diageo Lackeys Lose Final Challenge to Scotland's Minimum Unit Pricing



        Cowboy up, don't drink up

Amid Deficit, Wyoming Legislature Proposes Bold Charge-for-Harm Alcohol Tax



   Whiteclay liquor stores are closed for good--will not be reopened anytime soon

Courts Support Whiteclay Liquor Store Closures, Ending a Century of Alcohol Harm for Neighboring Pine Ridge




In the Doghouse


Rob Portman and Boston Beer team up to hand Big Alcohol a Christmas turkey

Ohio Sen, Boston Beer Team Up to Load U.S. Tax Bill With $640 Million Gift to Big Alcohol




Yukon takes lead in health labeling for alcohol
Yukon, Canada, takes international lead in placing cancer warnings on alcohol

A former Longhorn takes the long view
Doctor and UT alum takes stand against Corona sponsoring Longhorns

Okinawa bans booze on base
Following fatal crash in Japan, U.S. military bans booze on bases

  A CAPA member has great ideas

CAPA Summit Wrap-Up: Thank You, Members--Much Accomplished, Much to Do

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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