Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
June 2017 #1

    What could go wrong when you stay up all night drinking

CA Senate Sneaks Last-Call Bill Through; Act Now to Tell the Assembly to Wake Up and Quash Late Night Alcohol Sales



        The Reverse Friar Tuck steals from the poor and gives to the richest brewers

New AJ Report: "Craft" Beverage Excise Cuts Would Cost Over $321 Million Anually, Greatly Favor Big Alcohol



   Anytime Anyplace Anywhere cover graphic

Best Practices for the World: Joint Australia/UK Report Outlines Common Sense Policies to Restrict Alcohol Access




In the Doghouse

        Customizing abusable drugs

Alcosynth: This Alcohol-Like Molecule Comes from the Future to Make Today's Problems Worse



Bond's martini now brought to you by Bombay Sapphire
Beyond the martini: booze brands even insinuate themselves into G-rated movies

Days of wine and more wine
Days of wine and more wine: liquor company is 2017's top donor to CA lawmakers

The first commercial powdered alcohol product
Sneak peak of the authorization for Texas' first commercial palcohol product

  Stop the 4 a.m. Bar Bill!

Boston mulls putting booze ads back on buses

TAKE ACTION to keep the T alcohol-ad free!

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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