Alcohol Justice eNews: May 20, 2015
October 31, 2016

   Sonny Skyhawk testifies in front of NB legislature on public health crisis in Whiteclay

Whiteclay Activists Rally Behind NB Senator's Life-Saving Proposal; Legislation Coming?




        A glass of powdered alcohol with a banned stamp on it

CA Passes Powdered Alcohol Ban, 15 States Yet to Act




     SABMiller and AB Inbev with a world covered in chains

SABMiller and AB Inbev Merger: What Does It Mean for International Public Health?



In the Doghouse

        Pink paint drips down a white background

A Darker Shade of Pink: Even When "Doing Good," Alcohol Companies Cause Harm



Chambord pinkwashes via pink your drink advertisement
AJ Director/CEO presents on "pinkwashing"

invitation to first annual CAPA summit
Help set the agenda for alcohol advocacy in CA: register for CAPA Summit 


a computer model of a tumor in a breast
Tracing the connections from alcohol to estrogen to breast cancer


a dramatically backlit image of domestic violence
Does drinking raise your risk of being a homicide victim?


a portrait of actor and recovery activist Johnny Whitaker
AJ board member, former "Family Affair" star Johnny Whitaker survived drugs & alcohol—now helps others


Tell US and State Officials to Ban Powdered Alcohol! 

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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