Alcohol Justice eNews: January 14, 2015
January 14, 2015

Tell L.A. City Council: Pass Alcohol Billboard Ordinance!


The Los Angeles City Council is meeting Tuesday, January 20, 2015, to vote on the ordinance to ban alcohol ads on city owned and controlled property. Tell uncommitted members to vote YES and protect youth from overexposure to alcohol ads.


Binge Drinking & Alcohol Poisoning in the U.S.: Perception vs. Reality

Alcohol Poisoning Graph

New research from the CDC illuminates the link between binge drinking and alcohol poisoning, dispelling common beliefs about who is most affected.

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Ireland, UK Efforts to Ban Alcohol Sport Sponsorship Continue

Everton Player Wearing Jersey with Chang Beer Logo

Doctors and public health advocates in the United Kingdom and Ireland are join a growing chorus of public health experts in calling for a ban on alcohol sports sponsorships.

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New Restrictions on Alcopops in Contra Costa County, CA

Contra Costa Advocates
Alcohol Justice Advocacy Director Jorge Castillo and Contra
Costa Advocates Enjoying Success After Board Vote

The Contra Costa County (CA) Board of Supervisors has passed newly approved restrictions to limit access to youth-oriented alcopops such as Four Loko.

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In the Doghouse

Koch Bros' Group Supports Stalled PA Privatization Effort

Koch Bros Money Graphic

Charles and David Koch's American Future Fund (AFF) recently announced a 2015 statewide media and advocacy blitz to privatize liquor sales in Pennsylvania.

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